Weather forecast / Weather forecast

The automated weather forecasting solution is based on our On Air graphic system CastGenie, composition software After Effects® and our automata All-In-One.

With these solutions you have full control over the graphic content of your weather forecast, the maps just like the animations can be personalised, allowing you to present the weather forecast as you wish.

Once the template has been defined, you only have to specify the time period that you wish to present and the system will produce on air graphics by using your template and the meteorological information provided by our weather forecast service (that is also possible to modify optionally).

Whilst the rendering is pending, you can insert it by dragging and dropping into your playlist to link together, according to your preferences, the presentation of several regions or information.

Programming weather pages is extremely simple as it is integrated in the broadcast.

Using After Effects® for the rendering enables:

  • The graphic designers to continue using a tool that they are familiar with
  • The use of After Effects® to its full capacity
  • The creation of rendering farms to optimise calculation time
  • The use of already brought licences for your graphic designers

Retrieval of all the weather forecast information transparently.

Weather forecast template is completely customisable (animations, images, temperature, precipitation…) and changeable according to your needs for:

  • A pre-calculated weather forecast
  • A weather forecast in full screen or in an inset
  • A broadcast in chroma keying or programme

What's new ?

Usable in production management (keying) or in a simple program (such as On Air graphic system)

  • Rendering is completely customisable
  • Mapping information of the whole world provided