InGenie / InGenie

Thanks to its clear, programmable interface, InGenie seamlessly and reliably integrates with your video systems to simplify real-time capture form video servers and tape.

InGenie was designed to facilitate live video capture from video servers and tape. With its programmable workflow management and backup copies to tape or to a server, InGenie simply and reliably integrates into your legacy systems while managing your processes. Resource allocation is esay and intuitive thanks to a straightforward interface: a quick glance gives you the status of all your recordings and servers. View data by day, over several days, by week, or even by month in order to obtain a general view of upcoming programs.

You can change properties (program name, duration, etc.) after recording has started, making it easy to handle last minute changes.

  • Client-server architecture enabling collaborative work
  • "Set and go" simplicity: program and forget it...
  • Check the status of your servers and recordings at a glance, thanks to clear color codes
  • Change data while recording
  • Crash Record
  • Dynamic resource allocation

What's new ?

  • K2 support
  • Omneon support
  • Simultaneous lowres copy
  • Control multiples servers from a single workstation
  • Modern, customizable graphical interface
  • Integration in Grass Valley ContentShare² via ActiveX
  • Backup to VTR
  • Virtual channels
  • Program control
  • Definition of recurrent programs